Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council normally meets on the 4th Thursday of each month. The Council does not schedule meetings for August or December, though additional special meetings may be required in these months or at other times to deal with urgent business

The agendas for the meetings are uploaded here at least three days before the meeting. The minutes will be uploaded after they have been approved at the following meeting.

Members of the public are welcome to attend and a short time is given over for people to address the council on any topic that is featured on the agenda. Normally the public may not otherwise participate in the meeting [the council does sometimes allow public participation at other points in the meeting e.g. to clarify statements of fact regarding planning applications]

The Parish Council facilitates an Annual Parish Meeting held in May at which a report is given on the work of the Council and local residents are able to raise issues of concern. The Parish Council also holds its own Annual Parish Council Meeting in May (normally a week after the Electors Meeting) at which it elects its Chairman and Vice-Chairman, makes appointments to internal and external bodies, deals with appropriate annual business, and considers any relevant matters from the Electors Meeting).

Meetings 2019
Date Agenda Minutes
January 24th Read / Print Read / Print
February 28th Read / Print Read / Print
March 14th - Extra Ordinary Meeting Read / Print Read / Print
March 28th Read / Print Read / Print
April 25th Read / Print Read / Print
May 2nd - Annual Parish Meeting Read / Print  
May 23rd - Annual Parish Council Meeting Read / Print  
June 27th Read / Print  
July 25th Read / Print  
September 5th - Extra Ordinary Meeting Read / Print  
September 26th Read / Print  
October 22nd - Extra Ordinary Meeting Read / Print  
October 24th Read / Print  
November 28th    

Minutes from previous years meetings can be found in the archive